The story of the meeting

What was your intention while planning to host your meeting? Heather (Local Intelligence)
We wanted Local Squares to experience themselves as a group consulting a real project with their knowledge about participation.

What do you love about working with participation? Christian (Voorstenaar)
The first thing is that I love working with people. The second thing is that you always meet the ambivalence between what people want and what the government denies. in that dilemna, I like to work with people, in that it gives energy. it gives the possibility to renew patterns which grew over the years. That renewal and the energy it gives, that kind of process I like about participation.

What would you say are the unique qualities of the city shown thru your visit? Lukas (Zukunftslabor)
The unique quality in Twello is a high level of social capital (eg. mutual exchange of services without money). Another quality is for sure the profand willingness to work on the question of participation. People seem to be ready for experiments!

What did you experience in the dynamic of the partnership? Tito (INCA)
This was our second-to-last meeting, so many processes that have been started in the partnership are coming to their conclusion. The direct engagement in the local context was an occasion to test potential synergies and differences in the different approaches present in Local Squares.