Who are we?

The LOCI research team is based in the Université Catholique de Louvain (BE), and formed by a group of researchers linked with citizen participation in urban planning, composed by urban planners, architects, geographers, sociologists et.al.

The Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) set a high value on promoting international mobility of people and knowledge and on innovation in the field of education.

Urba(n) is a research group attached to the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (LOCI). The group has achieved quite of experience during several years of participatory planning in Latin America, helping local governments and planning associations to change their practices and improve their renovation plans. The architects and urban planners in the team have the double experience of urban planning and research in several countries of Latin America and Europe.

With a background in participatory process, the organization has taken part (among other investigations) in the research “Citizens@move” on an URBACT program during 2006. The aim was to analyze the different forms of participatory planning in regeneration projects of the several countries involved in the team.

The research group has the aim of being useful to urban planners, by providing trainings and updated knowledge, based on the results of the researches in course, to political and private programs for improving the urban environment.

In several occasions, the group has participated to applied studies for regional governments, non-profit neighbors associations and other political institutions, producing the tools to be applied into their planning.

The contribution of the organization to the partnership would be:
- As urban planners, providing the theoretical and practical background of the group, sharing its experience in participatory planning, focusing in the analysis of the tools that have been put in place, whether if they worked out or not.
- As academic institution, comparing the different contexts in which participation can take place (how to adapt the tools to each site), giving the frame to evaluate our partnership results.
- As part of a network of research groups, spreading the results of our meetings in the UCL press, and through the connection of other academic institutions as Brussels Studies, Cosmopolis, but also through its connections in public institutions for urban planning as Agence de Developpement Territorial ADT-ATO.


Interview during the 2nd Local Squares meeting in Madrid, 2013