Who are we?


PlanSinn GmbH, an urban planning office in Vienna, running participatory projects in urban and rural settings.

PlanSinn is a planning and communication consultancy founded in 1997. The organization engages in projects focusing on participation and empowerment, science communication, process control, publicity and planning in the thematic fields: Environment & Water, City & Neighborhood, Open Spaces & Landscaping, Gender & Work, Children & Young People as well as Sustainability & Mobility.

Its main clients are the City of Vienna and other city departments in Austria, ministries and public institutions. PlanSinn has 5 managing partners, trained in the field of Landscape Architecture and 10 employees with divers fields of experience like Sociology, Graphic Design, Visual Arts and Landscape Architecture.

The focus of PlanSinn on participation and communication processes within urban contexts is expressed both in direct interventions in public spaces and in trainings for relevant stakeholders of the local community.


By the involvement in this Partnership, PlanSinn contributes with its broad experience in urban planning, participation and communication processes as well as knowledge for the conception and implementation of planning strategies.

PlanSinn provides the Partners with diverse contacts to the City of Vienna as well as to local offices dealing with participation issues. Therefore, PlanSinn also sees its contribution in the field of dissemination of results on an institutional level.

Interview during the 2nd Local Squares meeting in Madrid, 2013

Cooperates with

In cooperation with PlanSinn the Zukunftslabor Tyrol with Lukas Weiß as its representative is attending the partnership as well. The Zukunftslabor is a lab for sustainable development in Tyrol (Austria) and is mainly working in the field of participation and sustainable development. We are very passionate about creating fields for change by inviting people to have meaningful conversations that matter.

Interview during the 2nd meeting in Madrid, 2013


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Zukunftslabor Tyrol



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