Who are we?

Local Intelligence (NL), a small enterprise that works in project in the area where the topics of Public space, Education and Art meet. More information you can findhere.

We are a cultural organization with specialization in developing innovative cultural projects. The projects often combine different topics like public space, and education in which various stakeholders such as government, businesses, residents and organizations come together, learn together; building the future of a their city, neighborhood or street. We are building the innovation of society, a social evolution. A process in which a person, their body, the world in which they live, the objects they use and the relationships between people, things and situations to rediscover and define. This process is about being open to alternatives, and with new eyes on yourself and the world around you to look in order to experience this process and step by step together new challenges. By designing interactions the public space becomes a social sculpture. The purpose and the process are one. The city is a laboratory. Every project is an evolution of the previous one.

Innovation for living, learning and working together by creating creative solutions with cultural value.

Local Intelligence is based in Twello (Netherlands) and in Berlin and is active both on a local and European level. Local Intelligence is a creative organization with a background on urban planning, design, sociology and focuses its action on exploring new ways of living and working together in public spaces.

Its consultants (“designers of communities”) provide trainings on the topics of public space management, education, policy making, and business innovation for urban planners, public officers, but they also aim at reaching a wider sector of the “differently-expert” population on the topic of urban planning. Local Intelligence interventions in public spaces are often based on action research methods, with the goal of activating the local intelligence of a community to support to innovate itself.

In this partnership, Local Intelligence will contribute to the Partnership by bringing in the aspects of organizational innovation into the public realm. In particular, it will do it by offering as a case study along the 2 years of Partnership one of its project, the “Local Innovation Office”. This Office, strategically based in the center of this cities and villages, focuses on introducing social innovation strategies in the local labor market of small and medium businesses companies based in the city. It provides targeted trainings to the main stakeholders involved in the local area in order to enable people to take action, to work together and to use each others` expertise for the public good.

Local Intelligence looks at the Office as an urban strategy that aims at gathering local actors around one purpose and acts as multipliers of resources, by offering support to personal and business development. By establishing this office in the middle of the city, a stakeholder platform is formed in which actions, meetings, events, discussions, are organized to learn and work together.


Interview during the 2nd Local Squares meeting in Madrid, 2013


Get in touch, if you have an idea or proposal, let us know on: info[@]localsmarts.org

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