Who are we?

INCA Deutschland e.V. (DE), a platform of cultural and artistic activist working in Berlin.

INCA Deutschland e.V., as part of the European International Network for Culture and Arts, is a pool of socially, politically and artistically active young people. The association designs and organizes projects from a local to an international scale that use Arts and Culture as tools to enhance inclusion and participation in the public sphere.

Aim of the organization is to engage with topics such as social exclusion, racism, and discrimination with the methods of artistic and cultural work.
INCA Deutschland e.V. chooses the public space as the main stage of its action, in order to reach a broad and diverse audience. The organization has cooperated with local municipalities (e.g. Reuterkiez Quartiersmanagement of Berlin; theatre city walk event of 3 days).

The three main focuses of INCA Deutschland's work are:

- facilitating public engagement with current political and social issues by promoting participative artistic and cultural projects in a variety of forms and media (e.g. theater, video, intervention in public space, etc.);

- development and promotion of artistic tools for active citizenship education (e.g. organization of street theatre trainings for public schools, NGOs, etc.);

- networking and advanced trainings for professionals working in urban contexts of approaches and methods developed within INCAs working experience to enhance stakeholder involvement.

The association is active locally in Berlin and participates in international initiatives through its Europe-wide network of partners.


Interview during the 2nd Local Squares meeting in Madrid, 2013