Who are we?

Stichting Elos Nederland (NL), designing and facilitating the interactive and participatory approach “Oasis Game” in Amsterdam and other cities.

Stichting Elos Nederland (Elos) has the purpose to propel a movement to make communities realize vibrant living spaces that express their deepest desires, that they co-design and co-realize during a fast and fun process called the Oasis Game (OG).

The OG is a 3 to 6 day event that invites a community to project and build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by the members of the community to suit their needs. Projects can range anything from a square, a park, a kindergarden to a cultural center. The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves community members, representatives from different sectors of society - NGOs and Government.

Founders of Elos Nederland, as part of the Oasis Holland movement, brought this Brazilian method for bottom-up community development to Holland in 2010 with the support of Oxfams e-Motive program. This method, which has been built by Instituto Elos in the last 10 years, is successful in creating ownership over shared spaces through co-creation and playfulness. The OG is a Brazilian method that is used to mobilize a community to realize their dream, which is mostly expressed in a physical (urban) result, the oasis, in a playful and accessible way (a game). In Holland it has now taken place 10 times, in other European countries about 5 times.

The organization is active in Holland and increasingly in Europe and its main goal is to spread the way of working to communities and social professionals to teach them how to work with this methodology and the underlying Elos philosophy, with a strong expression in projects in public spaces and urban development. The training is an action-learning program, where while doing an OG, players of the game are taught the skills, methods and tools to become a facilitator of their own game in their own community.

During the partnership Elos will invite the partners to Amsterdam to learn about the methodology by doing a small Oasis Game in a community.


Interview during the 2nd meeting in Madrid 2013