Who are we?

Basurama (ES), an organisation composed by architects engaged in upcycling waste, community building practices and creative use of urban spaces in Madrid.

Basurama is an organization of architects based in Madrid, born in the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM) in the year 2001. During the last 10 years, Basurama has been focusing its intervention on trash, by looking at its capacities - if handled creativity - for social transformation within the urban environment.

Basurama observes and reflects on massive production of real and virtual trash production phenomena and aims at generating new ways of thinking and aptitude in regards to that, with educational interventions (e.g. workshops, trainings, urban public events) targeting both urban experts and local communities).

The work of the organization can be summarized under four areas of intervention:

- Creativity, by enhancing new ways of thinking to find new solutions to old problems in the urban environment;
- Reutilization of local resources present in public spaces, by activating local communities in their re-definition;
- Social participation, by promoting educational campaigns that underline the importance of collective participation in the definition of their own environment;
- Connecting, by enhancing new channels of public communication among citizens and with the public authorities.

Basurama is active on an international level. In this Partnership, it will contribute with its expertise in local participation and will share its experience in the development of creative solutions in public spaces.

Basurama will co-host, together with the Asociacion Esta es una plaza, a local meeting in Madrid. In this occasion, it will introduce a local case study to the Partnership participants.


Interview during the 2nd Local Squares meeting in Madrid, 2013